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> * Wolfgang Denk ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > It's then the "perl(Email::Valid)" and "perl(Mail::Sendmail)"  depen-
> > dencies  which  cause  problems.  I  installed  all perl packages and
> > modules I was able to find in the standard FC places,  but  this  did
> > not solve the problem. Maybe this is actually a bug in Fedora Core ?
> No, you probably missed the earlier thread on this.  It's not a bug,
> those are real dependencies which rpm automagically discovers (along
> with things like shared library dependencies).  The issue is the
> git-send-email-script uses Mail/ and Email/ which
> aren't part of standard install.  Your choices are to grab the relevant

They are not only not part of a standard installation, but:

o I was not able to find any perl modules in the  whole  Fedora  Core
  distribution that satisfied these dependencies.

o Manually  installing  Email::Valid  and  Mail::Sendmail  (plus  the
  required  prerequisites)  from  CPAN  worked  find,  but  RPM still

> packages, do an install with --nodeps (and know that

That's what I did.

> git-send-email-script will not work), make a subpackage for that script

But it will work, as the required Perl modules are installed.

My problem is that I cannot satisfy the dependencies in a  way  which
gets visible to RPM. And this is where I feel this is a bug in Fedora
Core. But probably I'm just too dumb.

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