On 8/15/05, Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The discussion between you and Linus since you brought this up
> has kept me wondering if -ko is the only thing people may want
> to do, or sometimes -kk or even -kb or -kv make sense for some

The git-cvsimport script requests the full file at a given revision
straight from the cvs server daemon it has instantiated. So I suspect
we are mixing up cvs client flags with protocol flags. Hmm, reading up
on it  ( http://www.elegosoft.com/cvs/cvsclient.html#SEC9 ) the flags
are carried through, and it sounds like it's pretty broken.

Still, it clearly leaves handling of newlines to the client. The
difference between -kb and -ko (we are using -ko ATM) is the newline
handling if you are using standard cvs clients. With git-cvsimport, we
are doing the unix thing, which happens to be right thing to do.

Perhaps repos created with early versions of CVSNT are broken in this
regard, but tough.

I think -kv is just the wrong thing to do if you are migrating to git.
Anyway, this script has so far followed cvs's own default... which is
-kv, and I am generally unwilling to break backwards compatibility.
Though we could make it default to 'on' and provide '-K' for those
masochistic enough to want it.

People with repos where cvswrappers was set to mark files as -kb or
-ko are safe from all this pain and tears.


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