On 8/15/05, Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I was just wondering if we are limiting options for people who
> want to convert their own CVS repositories by always using
> either -kkv or -ko and nothing else. 

I think the other modes are relevant in different scenarios. -kv is
only meaningful as file mode over the life of the file in the repo.
-kk is only meaningful when calling cvs update with -j -j parameters
or cvs diff, and is effectively a synonim of -ko.

In the position we are, getting file/revisions out of a repo, there
are 2 possible files we can get: the one that you'll get with -kkv and
the one you'll get with -ko/-kb. -kb/-ko should give us exactly the
same file, modulo bugs.

I suspect that in practice -kb is more reliable when it comes to
binary files. But to support that the _files() method will need to
handle a slightly different protocol mode on the socket, and I rather
not mess with it unless I can prove its broken. Talking with cvs
servers on the socket is not my idea of fun, and there's all sorts of
version-specific oddities.


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