Martin Langhoff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> ..., in which case instead of a -k option that does not allow
>> anything but -ko, making it take an optional single letter
>> o/k/b/v might might more sense.  A single -k defaulting to -ko
>> is fine by me if you did so, because I think that is the most
>> useful and usual mode of operation while converting to GIT
>> repository.

> Anyway, this script has so far followed cvs's own default... which is
> -kv, and I am generally unwilling to break backwards compatibility.

I realize what I wrote was prone to be misunderstood.  What I
meant about "single -k defaulting to -ko" was this:

    cvsimport without -k<any> => cvs default
    cvsimport -k == cvsimport -ko => use cvs -ko
    cvsimoprt -kv => use cvs -kv

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