On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> I almost always handedit my mails and I find myself forgetting to add
> "Signed-off-by" from time to time.
> Is there a simple way to implment a trigger that can check that _I_
> signed off the patch before applying it?

Well, Junio has been talking about adding commit hooks. I don't think
that's been done. The idea being that you could verify that the thing 
you're committing follows certain rules (no bad whitespace added in the 
diff, sign-offs in the messages, whatever).

That said, git-applypatch (which is what git-applymbox ends up calling) 
does not use the general "git commit" script. So it would have to have its 
own hook. The script is pretty easy to read, though: just look at 
git-applypatch, and notice that the last stages are:

        git-apply --index $PATCHFILE || exit 1
        tree=$(git-write-tree) || exit 1
        echo Wrote tree $tree
        commit=$(git-commit-tree $tree -p $(cat .git/HEAD) < $final) || exit 1
        echo Committed: $commit
        echo $commit > .git/HEAD

and that just before this thing you could easily add some sanity checking 
by hand. The commit message at that point is in the "$final" file, and the 
patch is obviously in $PATCHFILE, so you can verify either of those to 
your hearts content.

The only question is what the hook/trigger should look like. just put
something like

        [ -x .git/hooks/applypatch-hook ] &&
             .git/hooks/applypatch-hook "$tree" "$PATCHFILE" || exit

at the line before that "git-apply" perhaps? Then, you could install your 
own applypatch hook which looks at the message or the patch?

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