Martin Langhoff wrote:

>>From what I understand, you'll want the StGIT infrastructure. If you
>use git/cogito, there is an underlying  assumption that you'll want
>all the patches merged across, and a simple cg-update will bring in
>all the pending stuff.

My concerns are both metodologicals and practical:

1) Method: To use the 'free patching workflow' on git is something foreseen in
git design, something coherent with the fork + develop + merge cycle that it
seems, at least to me, THE way git is meant to be used. Or it is stretching 
the possibility of the tool to something technically allowed but not suggested.

2) Practical: The round trip git-format-patch + git-applymbox is the logical and
natural way to reach this goal or, also in this case, I intend to stretch some 
designed for one thing, for something else?

About StGIT, I agree it is the right tool, designed for this kind of problems. 
peraphs because I don't know it very much, I still can't figure out how to 
StGit in a git GUI, like qgit is, so to have an unified and friendly view of a 
archive and a patches stack.


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