Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Well, Junio has been talking about adding commit hooks. I don't think
> that's been done.

No, notyet.  But tonight.

> The only question is what the hook/trigger should look like. just put
> something like
>       [ -x .git/hooks/applypatch-hook ] &&
>            .git/hooks/applypatch-hook "$tree" "$PATCHFILE" || exit
> at the line before that "git-apply" perhaps? Then, you could install your 
> own applypatch hook which looks at the message or the patch?

Sounds sensible.  The hook would probably want a handy access to
the commit object as well to catch:

     - the author name may be spelled wrong or has funky
       B-encodings still left.

     - some people might want to even run spellchecker on the
       commit message.

     - lack of S-O-B line.

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