On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, Luck, Tony wrote:
> The spurious changes reported by "git-whatchanged -p" are:
> >  Documentation/acpi-hotkey.txt              |    3 
> >  Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt        |    5 
> >  drivers/acpi/osl.c                         |    6 
> >  fs/jfs/inode.c                             |    4 

Ehh. These are all from:

        Author: Alex Williamson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

            [IA64, X86_64] fix swiotlb sizing

in commit b63d6e09b432e6873d072a767c87218f8e73e66c.

And you've signed off on it.

Do a

        git-diff-tree -p --pretty b63d6e09b432e6873d072a767c87218f8e73e66c | 
less -S

to see it in all its glory.

Now, I suspect you didn't mean to commit that thing: it really looks like 
you've mixed up your patches somehow, because the commit message seems to 
match only a very small portion of the patch.

Did you perhaps have a failed merge or something that was in your index 
when you applied that patch? If you have a dirty index when you do 
"git-applymbox", it the commit done as part of the applymbox might commit 
other state too.

(git-applymbox _does_ verify that the files that it patches are up-to-date 
in the index, but it does _not_ verify that the index matches the current 
HEAD. I guess I could add a sanity check for that...)

> Is this a bug, or am I just confused about how "git-whatchanged" works?

It's definitely not a bug in git-whatchanged, and I don't think you're 
confused about how git-whatchanged is supposed to work. But I think you've 
committed a bad patch.

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