>Now, I suspect you didn't mean to commit that thing: it really looks like 
>you've mixed up your patches somehow, because the commit message seems to 
>match only a very small portion of the patch.
>Did you perhaps have a failed merge or something that was in your index 
>when you applied that patch? If you have a dirty index when you do 
>"git-applymbox", it the commit done as part of the applymbox might commit 
>other state too.

Yes I had a failed merge ... I thought that I had cleaned up from it, but
clearly I hadn't.  Bother.

I guess I have a bit of tree maintenance to do ... But I think that it
should be easy ... I can just step "test" back to before I merged in
the Alex patch.  Redo the Alex patch properly.  Then re-merge all the
branches that happened after this.  Followed by crossing my fingers and
running "git prune".

Maybe I'll try all that in a *copy" of my GIT tree first!

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