And Junio C Hamano writes:
 - > BTW, how would people feel about replacing the 
 - > setenv() and unsetenv() calls with the older putenv()?
 - No comment on this one at this moment until I do my own digging
 - a bit.

If you're interested, I have a few patches in
that let git compile with xlc on AIX and Sun's non-c99 
cc on Solaris.  Changes:
 +    Replace C99 array initializers with code.
 +    Replace unsetenv() and setenv() with older putenv().
 +    Include sys/time.h in daemon.c.
 +    Fix ?: statements.
 +    Replace zero-length array decls with [].
The top two may or may not be acceptable.  The third may
not be necessary if I can find the right -Ds for fd_set.
The last two just remove GNU C extensions.  Makefile 
changes (including extra -Ds for features) not included, 
but could be.  Tell me if you want any of these mailed.

Not all the tests pass on non-Linux, but I won't have time 
to look at them for a bit.  With the GNU findutils and 
coreutils, it works well enough for basic use.  The failing 
tests might be from using non-GNU utilities.  Rooting out
all the dependencies is a tad painful.

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