Jason Riedy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> If you're interested, I have a few patches in
>   http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~ejr/gits/git.git#portable
> that let git compile with xlc on AIX and Sun's non-c99 
> cc on Solaris.

I've taken a look at them.  Thanks.

> Changes:
>  +    Replace C99 array initializers with code.

I presume this is to help older compilers?

>  +    Replace unsetenv() and setenv() with older putenv().

I wonder how buggy various implementations of
putenv("THIS_ENV_VAR") are to remove the variable.

>  +    Include sys/time.h in daemon.c.
>  +    Fix ?: statements.

I do not have much problem with these two.

>  +    Replace zero-length array decls with [].

This I am ambivalent about.  If we are just trying to help older
compilers (see your "array initializers" patch), we should be
doing C90 way of "array[1]" and teach users to subtract 1 from
the allocate count.  While I do not have much objection against
using C99 flexible array member notation, I wonder how people
find being able to compile with older compilers a major issue..

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