Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This makes "--revs-only" imply "--no-flags".
> [ Side note: we might want to get rid of these confusing two-way flags, 
>   where some flags say "only print xxx", and others say "don't print yyy". 
>   We'd be better off with just three flags that say "print zzz", where zzz
>   is one of "flags, revs, norevs" ]

I suspect that would not fly too well.

Being able to say "give me all flags meant for rev-list", "give
me all what are meant for rev-list", and "give me all non-flags
that are meant for rev-list" are very handy, so I'd rather want
to see --revs-only to mean "meant for rev-list", --no-revs to
mean "not meant for rev-list", --flags to mean "only ones that
start with a '-'", and --no-flags to mean "only ones that do not
start with a '-'".  And that would give me (rev/no-rev/lack
thereof) x (flag/no-flag/lack thereof) = 9 combinations.

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