Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The --flags cleanup caused problems: we used to depend on the fact that 
> "revs_only" magically suppressed flags, adn that assumption was broken by 
> the recent fixes.
> It wasn't a good assumption in the first place, so instead of 
> re-introducing it, let's just get rid of it.
> This makes "--revs-only" imply "--no-flags".

I was taking a look at this once again after noticing that I
haven't taking any action on it.  But now I am a bit confused
reading the above.  The first two paragraphs tells me
"--revs-only implied --no-flags and we used to depend on it, but
that is not a right thing so get rid of that assumption" (which
I agree is a good change", and the last sentense says

And the code makes --revs-only imply --no-flags.

Here is my thinking, requesting for a sanity check.

* git-whatchanged wants to use it to tell rev-list arguments
  from rev-tree arguments.  You _do_ want to pick --max-count=10
  or --merge-order in this case, and --revs-only implying
  --no-flags would make this impossible.

* git-log-script uses it once to make sure it has one commit to
  start at, and lacks --no-flags by mistake.

* git-bisect uses it to validate the parameter is a valid ref,
  but does not use --verify.

This trivial patch fixes the latter two.

diff --git a/git-log-script b/git-log-script
--- a/git-log-script
+++ b/git-log-script
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-revs=$(git-rev-parse --revs-only --default HEAD "$@") || exit
+revs=$(git-rev-parse --revs-only --no-flags --default HEAD "$@") || exit
 [ "$revs" ] || die "No HEAD ref"
 git-rev-list --pretty $(git-rev-parse --default HEAD "$@") | LESS=-S 

diff --git a/git-bisect-script b/git-bisect-script
--- a/git-bisect-script
+++ b/git-bisect-script
@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ bisect_good() {
         case "$#" in
        0)    revs=$(git-rev-parse --verify HEAD) || exit ;;
-       *)    revs=$(git-rev-parse --revs-only "$@") || exit ;;
+       *)    revs=$(git-rev-parse --revs-only --verify "$@") || exit ;;
        for rev in $revs

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