On Wed, 24 Aug 2005, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> that is not a right thing so get rid of that assumption" (which
> I agree is a good change", and the last sentense says
> opposite...

Well, the patch makes it an _explicit_ assumption, instead of a very 
subtly hidden one from the code-flow. It was the non-obvious hidden 
assumption that caused the bug.

> Here is my thinking, requesting for a sanity check.
> * git-whatchanged wants to use it to tell rev-list arguments
>   from rev-tree arguments.  You _do_ want to pick --max-count=10
>   or --merge-order in this case, and --revs-only implying
>   --no-flags would make this impossible.

Fair enough. However, there are two kinds of flags: the "revision flags", 
and the "-p" kind of flags.

And the problem was that "git-whatchanged -p" didn't work any more,
because we passed "-p" along to "git-rev-list". Gaah.

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