I cannot checkout from a cloned git repository I have created. I am
using git 0.99.5 from Gentoo portage.

Following the tutorial, I create new git repository:

  $ mkdir git-test
  $ cd git-test/
  $ git-init-db
  defaulting to local storage area
  $ echo "Hello, Git" > hello
  $ git-update-cache --add hello
  $ git-write-tree
  $ echo "Initial commit" | git-commit-tree
4bd2134df7a908d2764f70d155e32650954cfc72 > .git/HEAD
  Committing initial tree 4bd2134df7a908d2764f70d155e32650954cfc72

Now on the server, I create a repository:

  $ mkdir git-test.git
  GIT_DIR=git-test.git/ git-init-db

Then I push my local repository to remote server like this:

  $ git push ssh.remote.server:/home/penberg/public_html/git-test.git master
  updating 'refs/heads/master'
    from 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    to   8744316e49411509ba28e9cf567f3aec5833ec74
  Packing 3 objects
  Unpacking 3 objects
   100% (3/3) done
  refs/heads/master: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ->

After which I clone the newly created repository like this:

  $ git clone http://www.remote.server/~penberg/git-test.git cloned
  defaulting to local storage area
  Somebody should define smarter http server protocol

Now, the problem is that checkout does not work:

  $ git checkout
  usage: git-read-tree (<sha> | -m [-u] <sha1> [<sha2> [<sha3>]])

That's because I have no HEAD:

  $ ls -l .git/HEAD
  lrwxrwxrwx  1 penberg users 17 Sep  2 14:07 .git/HEAD -> refs/heads/master

  $ ls -l .git/refs/heads/
  total 0

What am I doing wrong here? Doing a git pull causes the following error:

  $ git pull http://www.remote.server/~penberg/git-test.git
  Fetching HEAD from http://www.remote.server/~penberg/git-test.git using http
  got 8744316e49411509ba28e9cf567f3aec5833ec74
  got 4bd2134df7a908d2764f70d155e32650954cfc72
  got b7aec520dec0a7516c18eb4c68b64ae1eb9b5a5e
  * committish: 8744316e49411509ba28e9cf567f3aec5833ec74  HEAD from
  cat: .git/HEAD: No such file or directory
  fatal: Needed a single revision
  git-resolve-script <head> <remote> <merge-message>

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