Pekka Enberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I cannot checkout from a cloned git repository I have created. I am
> using git 0.99.5 from Gentoo portage.

> Following the tutorial, I create new git repository:
> Now on the server, I create a repository:
>   $ mkdir git-test.git
>   GIT_DIR=git-test.git/ git-init-db

You would need 'chmod +x git-test.git/hooks/post-update' here if
you are allowing people to pull over http from this repository.

I just realized that where this was documented was quite obscure
in the tutorial.  I'll update it with the appended patch.

> After which I clone the newly created repository like this:
>   $ git clone http://www.remote.server/~penberg/git-test.git cloned
>   defaulting to local storage area
>   Somebody should define smarter http server protocol
> Now, the problem is that checkout does not work:

The problem is that 'git clone' does not support cloning over
http from servers that are not properly prepared.  This 'git
clone' exited with non-zero status with an error message, didn't

-->8-- -->8-- -->8--
Mention post-update when we first talk about publishing a repository.

There is more detailed instruction for `project lead` later in
the tutorial to talk about the same, but at this point in the
flow of tutorial, the first time reader has no way of knowing it.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
diff --git a/Documentation/tutorial.txt b/Documentation/tutorial.txt
--- a/Documentation/tutorial.txt
+++ b/Documentation/tutorial.txt
@@ -1103,6 +1103,12 @@ your login shell is `bash`, only `.bashr
 `.bash_profile`. As a workaround, make sure `.bashrc` sets up
 `$PATH` so that you can run `git-receive-pack` program.
+If you plan to publish this repository to be accessed over http,
+you should do `chmod +x my-git.git/hooks/post-update` at this
+point.  This makes sure that every time you push into this
+repository, `git-update-server-info` is run.
 Your "public repository" is now ready to accept your changes.
 Come back to the machine you have your private repository. From
 there, run this command:

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