Pekka Enberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I double checked that -- no, it does not print out an error. I copied
> the exact output in the original mail. 

Which ended with the error message "Somebody should define
smarter http server protocol".  That's from git-clone-script and
the echo to generate the output is followed by "exit 1".

>> +[NOTE]
>> +If you plan to publish this repository to be accessed over http,
>> +you should do `chmod +x my-git.git/hooks/post-update` at this
>> +point.
> How about "must do chmod before pushing anything to this repository"? I
> think I tried chmod at some point but always did it too late (i.e. after
> the initial push).

I think "at this point" in the flow of tutorial text would be
explicit enough, but I am not very good at writing
documentation, so rewording/clarifying patches are always

You could always run git-update-server-info manually after
pushing if you forgot to enable the hook.  If you are paranoid
you could run it with '-f' flag to rebuild the info from

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