I said:

>       I'll draw up a strawman tonight unless somebody else
>       does it first.

1. Say 'index' when you are tempted to say 'cache'.

        git-checkout-cache      git-checkout-index
        git-convert-cache       git-convert-index
        git-diff-cache          git-diff-index
        git-fsck-cache          git-fsck-index
        git-merge-cache         git-merge-index
        git-update-cache        git-update-index

2. The act of combining two or more heads is called 'merging';
   fetching immediately followed by merging is called 'pulling'.

        git-resolve-script      git-merge-script

   The commit walkers are called *-pull, but this is probably
   confusing.  They are not pulling.

        git-http-pull           git-http-walk
        git-local-pull          git-local-walk
        git-ssh-pull            git-ssh-walk

3. Non-binaries are called '*-scripts'.

   In earlier discussions some people seem to like the
   distinction between *-script and others; I did not
   particularly like it, but I am throwing this in for

        git-applymbox           git-applymbox-script
        git-applypatch          git-applypatch-script
        git-cherry              git-cherry-script
        git-shortlog            git-shortlog-script
        git-whatchanged         git-whatchanged-script

4. To be removed shortly.

        git-clone-dumb-http     should be folded into git-clone-script

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