Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Horst von Brand <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >> 3. Non-binaries are called '*-scripts'.
> >> 
> >>    In earlier discussions some people seem to like the
> >>    distinction between *-script and others; I did not
> >>    particularly like it, but I am throwing this in for
> >>    discussion.

> > I for one think this makes the command name dependent on a non-essential
> > implementation detail, so -script should go.

> I had the same opinion.  The counter-argument people raised when
> this topic came up on the list was that it would help grepping
> in the source tree.

Grepping for what?

It is not /that/ much more expensive to run file(1) over the tree if you
want to know what is a script and what isn't. Furthermore, the "-script"
extension doesn't work for this as of today (see your own message a while
back ;-). Keeping it requires discipline that tools don't help enforcing
today (and the extension use itself is very un-Unix-like), so further
"mistakes" /will/ happen.

In any case, this would be for a very specialized, developer-only,
occasional task. I don't see how that warrants a fractured tool namespace
for /all/ users /all/ the time.
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