On Sat, Sep 03, 2005 at 01:25:50AM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Junio C Hamano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > "H. Peter Anvin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >
> >> I currently have two klibc trees,
> >
> > I cloned them to take a look.  You_do_ seem to have a lot of
> > renames.
> Well, I think I understand how your trees ancestry looks like,
> but still haven't come up with a good problem definition.  I am
> sorry that this message is not a solution for your problem but
> would end up to be just my rambling and thinking aloud.
> The ancestry looks like this:
>        ----#4-#5---#7   #0: 1.0.14 released, next version is 1.0.15
>       /      /              5691e96ebfccd21a1f75d3518dd55a96b311d1aa
>      /---#1-#3---#6     #1: Explain why execvpe/execlpe work the way they do.
>     //     /                1d774a8cbd8e8b90759491591987cb509122bd78
>   #0-----#2             #2: 1.1 released, next version is 1.1.1
>                             3a41b60f6730077db3f04cf2874c96a0e53da453
>                         #3: Merge of #2 into #1
>                             7ab38d71de2964129cf1d5bc4e071d103e807a0d
>                         #4: socketcalls aren't always *.S files; they can...
>                             f52be163e684fc3840e557ecf242270926136b67
>                         #5: Merge of #3 into #4
>                             2e2a79d62a96b6b0d4bc93697fe77cd3030cdfd9
>                         #6: Warnings cleanup
>                             f5260f8737517f19a03ee906cd64dfc9930221cd
>                         #7: Remove obsoleted files from merge
>                             59709a172ee58c9d529a8c4b6f5cf53460629cb3
> and you are trying to merge #6 into #7 (or #7 into #6).  #6 does
> not have usr/kinit and nfsmount at the top; #7 has nfsmount
> under usr/kinit/.

Hi Junio.

Ican expalin some of the background for this particular merge.
At about one month ago I cloned the current klibc.git tree and started
doing the necessary modifications needed to introduce kbuild - the
build system used in the kernel.
Futhermore we decided to move files around so they fit the directory
structure planned to be used in the kernel - when we at one point in the
future merged with mainline.
While I were modifying the build system the development continued and a
few files saw some updates in the official klibc tree.

So what we want to do in this case is:
- Merge the kbuild changes into the official tree without loosing the
  changes made to renamed files.

On purpose I did not modify any of the renamed files so the klibc-kbuild
tree contains renames only for these.

If it would be possible to merge:
libs/klibc/klibc.git and libs/klibc/sam/klibc-kbuild.git
using the above rules it would be perfect.

Then a few of the patches from libs/klibc/klibc-kbuild.git would have to
be applied again, but thats doable.

Anyway my view on it. Since Peter is the one doing the merge he may have
better ideas.

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