Fredrik Kuivinen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Maybe I am missing something... but why should the merge operation
> ignore renames? Is there a merge case when ignoring renames is the
> Right Thing to do?
> Lets say the branches A and B has the common ancestor C which contains
> a file named "foo". If A has renamed "foo" to "foobar" and B has made
> some content changes to "foo" shouldn't the result be a file named
> "foobar" with the content changes B made to "foo" in it?

Our messages mostly crossed, but as I described in the longer
message I just sent out, the problem is that two lines of
development runs in parallel, each of them wants to pick
criss-cross nonstructural changes from the other, while keeping
their own tree structure.  If the goal of a 'merge' is to
converge into a single commit for both lines of development to
agree on a single tree structure to carry on from, then what you
said is right, but the problem at hand is slightly different.

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