Martin Langhoff wrote:

Probably should be hacked into cg-merge. When the merge reports a file
is missing, what happens? Does it leave a .rej file or anything?

The error message is:

MERGE ERROR: nfsmount/mount.c: Not handling case 3225ecdf8d172cda2a6ea5276af0d3edc566a0e7 -> -> c02da9e576a525a2a49da930107ed3936a45b6e1 MERGE ERROR: nfsmount/sunrpc.c: Not handling case 037e33e84ebcee4e097a009439c1bab7143ef92d -> -> e2fe5f8b728b5235010ed317e759222179dcd45c

        Conflicts during merge. Do cg-commit after resolving them.

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