is it possible to fix the git-send-email script to "just work" reading
in the emails that `git-format-patch-script -o patchdir origin`
generates? I have a very ugly local patch to git-send-email-script

 - reads "from" from git-var, can be overridden by passing an explicit --from
 - reads "subject" from the first line of STDIN or file. If the line
doesn't start with [PATCH it provides the [PATCH] prefix. I found it
really confusing that it wants to get 'from' in the first line...
that's not what git-format-patch produces!
 - it never prompts for anything

I then invoke it with 

  git-send-email-script --to git@vger.kernel.org patches/0001-bad-uglypatch

and it "just works". I haven't sent them anywhere because I just
wanted it to work locally for me, and it's just a bunch of hacks. And
you are clearly using something other than git-format-patch to
generate those patchfiles -- and my patches would break that.

OTOH, it'd be great if it did support the git-format-patch output. Let
me know if you want bits and pieces of my hack - though it's trivial.


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