Ryan Anderson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 11:16:57PM +1200, Martin Langhoff wrote:
>>  - reads "subject" from the first line of STDIN or file. If the line
>> doesn't start with [PATCH it provides the [PATCH] prefix. I found it
>> really confusing that it wants to get 'from' in the first line...
>> that's not what git-format-patch produces!
> Sorry about that - I always export using git-format-patch using --mbox,
> and those work nicely.  I'm a bit reluctant to do the [PATCH] fixup, but
> I think I will:
>       1. Detect [PATCH] or [PATCH [0-9]+/[0-9]+] (Sorry for the horrid
>       fake-regexp)
>       2. Provide a --no-fixup-subject to turn that off.
> (TODO #2)

To be consistent with the other tools in tools/ directory, the
above is probably 's/^/[PATCH] / unless (/^\[PATCH/])'

> In this case, remember that this was an attempt to help users patch bomb
> lists, getting all the subtle details correct.  The prompting is there
> to help get the subtle details correct!

You could error out without asking if that is what is happening.

> Well, I'm not.  Try "git format-patch --mbox -o patchdir origin" and see
> if that works better for you.

Martin, --mbox has the added benefit that it consistently
preserves the From: and Date: information even for your own
patches, because it implies --date and --author.  By default
without --author and --date these are not preserved from the
original commits for your own patches, primarily because
format-patch without --mbox was written for reorganizing and
reordering existing patches (i.e. export, concatenate some, edit
some hunks, and eventually feed it to applymbox to make commits;
you do not typically want to keep the original author date for
this kind of use).

> I do apologize for not realizing that the default git format-patch
> output doesn't match what git send-email script expects the "legacy"
> mode - I'll sort that out one way or another as well. (TODO #3)

I do apologize for not really saying what --mbox does and what
the format-patch output without --mbox is meant for.

Martin, is there a reason you do not want --mbox format
(e.g. format-patch --mbox spits out Subject: line undesirably
formatted while it does what you want without --mbox)?

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