Martin Langhoff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> It shows that I was never familiar with the practices of linux
> hackers. I've always read the references to mboxes holding patchbombs
> meaning literally one mbox file with a zillion contatenated patches
> received via email.

To be fair to you, it is _not_ the practices of Linux hackers.
For one thing, I am not among them.  I think it is perfectly
reasonable to expect it to produce a single mailbox, like you

The primary reason why "format-patch --mbox" only does one file
per patch is because I am too lazy to add a --single-mbox option
which does the "right thing".  This _could_ be "fixed", but on
the other hand the current one file per patch behaviour is
arguably more flexible than always creating a single mbox, and
that is what I use as an excuse to justify my laziness ;-).

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