Linus Torvalds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Of course, if you don't push it back, but keep the two trees separate and 
> keep on modifying files that have different names in the other repository, 
> you'll keep on getting into the situation that the trivial merge doesn't 
> work. So we _do_ want to get an automated "phase 3" (and maybe 4..) merge 
> that can figure out renames, but the point here is that it's something we 
> _can_ figure out.

Thanks.  You very well said exactly what I should have said; I
failed to explain where that `reusing rename information from
previous merge` algorithm should fit in the bigger picture.

And the algorithm you describe (and Daniel briefly outlined) is
slightly different from what I had in mind in that it does not
have to depend on previous merge, which is also nice.

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