Santi BĂ©jar wrote:

        One thing I'm missing is a way to describe a branch. It can be
        done in the $GIT_DIR/description, the first line for the whole
        repository and the rest for the branches. So description file
        for the git.git repository could be:

The core git plumbing
pu: Proposed updates
rc: Release candidate
todo: Todo list

        And it can be added to the gitweb tool.

Having somewhere to describe the intent of a branch would be a useful convention. But I think the descriptions should be in separate files; one for each branch and one for the repository as a whole.

That way it would be possible to have long, multi-line descriptions of the repository and branches with the tools displaying just the first line unless more information is requested; like gitk and gitkweb do with commit messages.

An unrelated gitweb feature request: include a timestamp near the top of the projects page so that I don't have to try to remember when I last reloaded the page. TZ=UTC preferred.
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