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> Santi B.ANijar wrote:
> [...]
>>         One thing I'm missing is a way to describe a branch. It can
>> be
>>         done in the $GIT_DIR/description, the first line for the whole
>>         repository and the rest for the branches. So description file
>>         for the git.git repository could be:
>> [description]
>> The core git plumbing
>> pu: Proposed updates
>> rc: Release candidate
>> todo: Todo list
>> [/description]
>>         And it can be added to the gitweb tool.
> Having somewhere to describe the intent of a branch would be a useful 
> convention. But I think the descriptions should be in separate files; 
> one for each branch and one for the repository as a whole.

This reminds me of somebody else wanting to have 'motd' in
git-daemon.  Once we have a common data format we could also
serve this information from there, and possibly from
'git fetch --motd'; pass that to 'git-peek-remote --motd' for git
and ssh transports, and do something else using curl for http

Anybody interested?  I think the git-daemon side would be the
cleanest if we introduce a new program to format the motd
information and send it out, instead of attempting to enhance
git-upload-pack protocol; I do not think the latter can be
done in a backward compatible way.

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