GIT Repository Annotation Convention

GIT repositories can benefit from descriptions of /intent/ for portions
of the repository. This document formalizes a method to store those
descriptions in the repository.

Annotations are UTF8 text files. Each text starts with a one line
summary, optionally followed by a blank line and a longer, more detailed

Annotations describe the /intended/ use or contents of the repository
portion described. For instance, a branch is defined by a head ref; the
annotation for that branch would describe what that branch is intended
to hold, how to interpret and/or use the stored state, etc.

Naming and Directory Structure
Annotations are named by appending ".txt" to the basename of the
repository component it describes, and by appending ".dir" to each
directory patch component leading to the repository component from
$GIT_DIR, and by prepending "annotations/" to the annotation pathname.

The use of the ".txt" and ".dir" suffixes is to allow for descriptions
of hierarchical structures (directories) and well as specific components

Missing annotations are ignored.

The file "$GIT_DIR/description", used by gitweb and other tools, becomes
a symbolic link to "$GIT_DIR/annotations/description.txt".

Example Layout
                                <head dir 1>.dir/
                                        <head name 1.1>.txt
                                        <head name 1.M>.txt
                                <head dir 1>.txt
                                <head dir N>.dir/
                                        <head name N.1>.txt
                                        <head name N.P>.txt
                                <head name 1>.txt
                                <head name Q>.txt
                                <tag name 1>.txt
                                <tag name T>.txt
        description -> annotations/description.txt

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