Junio C Hamano wrote:
Subject: [PATCH] Multi-backend merge driver.

This is just an illustration of concept patch.

The new command 'git merge' takes the current head and one or more
remote heads, with the commit log message for the automated case.

If the heads being merged are simple fast-forwards, it acts the
same way as the current 'git resolve'.  Otherwise, it tries
different merge strategies and takes the result from the one that
succeeded auto-merging, if there is any.

If no merge strategy succeeds auto-merging, their results are
evaluated for number of paths needed for hand resolving, and the
one with the least number of such paths is left in the working
tree.  The user is asked to resolve them by hand and make a
commit manually.

This last paragraph concerns me because it limits us to a very simple metric, "number of paths needed for hand resolving". Some "hand resolving" situations can be more complex than others and it would nice to use that information if it was available.

Of course I have no idea what that information may be or how it can be computed.
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