Marcin Owsiany <> writes:

>> This makes my idea to do the same to "my something else instead of
>> master" much less attractive. In fact I don't think such behaviour would
>> be useful.
>> I think with the suggested patch git-svn works as I would like it to:
>>  - creates "master" at initial checkout - consistent with git clone
>>  - using a different "tracking-like" branch is possible with "dcommit"
>>  - does not re-create "master" on fetch - so the annoying part is gone
> Any comments?

Not from me.  Even though I'd love to hear Eric's opinion, your "I
don't think such behaviour would be useful." gave me an impression
that you would justify the change in a different way (i.e. a rewrite
of proposed log message) or tweak the patch (i.e. a modified
behaviour), or perhaps both, in your re-roll, the ball was in your
court, and we were waiting for such a rerolled patch.
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