Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> Marcin Owsiany <mar...@owsiany.pl> writes:
> >> This makes my idea to do the same to "my something else instead of
> >> master" much less attractive. In fact I don't think such behaviour would
> >> be useful.
> >> 
> >> I think with the suggested patch git-svn works as I would like it to:
> >>  - creates "master" at initial checkout - consistent with git clone
> >>  - using a different "tracking-like" branch is possible with "dcommit"
> >>  - does not re-create "master" on fetch - so the annoying part is gone
> >
> > Any comments?
> Not from me.  Even though I'd love to hear Eric's opinion, your "I
> don't think such behaviour would be useful." gave me an impression
> that you would justify the change in a different way (i.e. a rewrite
> of proposed log message) or tweak the patch (i.e. a modified
> behaviour), or perhaps both, in your re-roll, the ball was in your
> court, and we were waiting for such a rerolled patch.

Sorry, I keep forgetting this topic.  But yes, I thought you would tweak
your patch.
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