Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

>> The existing --set-uptream option can cause confusion, as it uses the
>> usual branch convention of assuming a starting point of HEAD if none
>> is specified, causing
>>     git branch --set-upstream origin/master
>> to create a new local branch 'origin/master' that tracks the current
>> branch. As --set-upstream already exists, we can't simply change its
>> behaviour. To work around this, introduce --set-upstream-to which
>> accepts a compulsory argument
> Thanks.  A part of me really dislikes this --set-upstream-to which
> is named more awkwardly than the deprecated mistake it replaces,
> though.

I am not super excited about it either, but at least it is a vast
improvement compared to the older one, with which it was entirely
unclear if we are setting the value of upstream *to* what is given
as an option, or setting the upstream *for* what is given on the
command line.

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