Junio C Hamano wrote:

> In short, you are saying that, assuming that missing <start> and
> <branch> are given a sane default values (namely "HEAD"), the
> syntax:
>       git branch <branch> [<start>]
>       git branch --set-upstream-jrn [<branch>] <upstream>
> is easier to understand

I didn't propose allowing the branch argument to be omitted, actually.
It would be clearest, _especially_ because one argument currently
means something different, to make that error out.  Sorry for the lack
of clarity.

One more detail I didn't mention before: I think a convenience feature

        git branch --set-upstream-to <upstream>

that takes exactly one argument and means

        git branch --set-upstream HEAD <upstream>

would be fine.  Having a second command to do the same thing as
--set-upstream does (or adding new --set-other-things commands that
use this proposed convention where the value comes before the key) and
migrating awkwardly to it is what I object to.

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