Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> The truth is that neither one of us is right.  Both conventions
> could work, and which one is more intuitive will vary from person
> to person.

It is not just person-to-person, I think.

In short, you are saying that, assuming that missing <start> and
<branch> are given a sane default values (namely "HEAD"), the

        git branch <branch> [<start>]
        git branch --set-upstream-jrn [<branch>] <upstream>

is easier to understand, while I think

        git branch <branch> [<start>]
        git branch --set-upstream-to=<upstream> [<branch>]

so that omitted things can come uniformly at the end (of course,
unless the --option=argument in the middle is omitted, that is)
makes things more consistent.

I do not think it is productive to keep agreeing that we disagree
and continuing to talk between ourselves without waiting for others
to catch up, so I'll stop here.

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