I am trying to move freeplane's repository (GPL-project) from bzr to
git, but when I do this:

$ mkdir freeplane-git1
$ cd freeplane-git1
$ git init .
$ bzr fast-export --export-marks=../marks.bzr ../trunk/ | git fast-import 
$ git checkout

then there are no errors, but the resulting working index is broken:
 contains SpreadSheetUtils.java which belongs to package
 'org.freeplane.plugin.spreadsheet' and which is no longer in the bzr
 trunk that I imported!

The freeplane repo is publically available, so you should easily be able
to reproduce this:
  bzr branch 

I reported this as a possible bzr-fastimport bug, but didn't get a
response so far:

Is there maybe a better way to convert a repo from bzr to git?
This seems to be the standard solution on the web.

I am using Bazaar (bzr) 2.5.0dev6, bzr-fastimport 0.13.0 and git

Thanks and Best Regards!
Felix Natter

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