Jeff King wrote:

> Subject: fast-import: catch deletion of non-existent file in input
> We silently ignored the bogus "D foo" directive, and the
> resulting tree incorrectly contained "bar". With this patch,
> we notice the bogus input and die.

This breaks svn-fe, which relies on the existing semantics when asked
to copy an empty directory.

That's my fault because we never check that in the testsuite, but I
also wouldn't be surprised if other importers were relying on the same

Any API break this big without a justification along the lines

        We can be confident that no existing importer uses this
        construct because ...

_needs_ to be guarded by a new "feature" to be safe for existing

Let's repeat that for emphasis: API breaks in fast-import not guarded
with a new "feature" type are not ok.

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