On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 08:00:17PM +0200, Felix Natter wrote:

> I am trying to move freeplane's repository (GPL-project) from bzr to
> git, but when I do this:
> $ mkdir freeplane-git1
> $ cd freeplane-git1
> $ git init .
> $ bzr fast-export --export-marks=../marks.bzr ../trunk/ | git fast-import 
> --export-marks=../marks.git
> $ git checkout
> then there are no errors, but the resulting working index is broken:
>  freeplane-git1/freeplane_plugin_formula/src/org/freeplane/plugin/formula
>  contains SpreadSheetUtils.java which belongs to package
>  'org.freeplane.plugin.spreadsheet' and which is no longer in the bzr
>  trunk that I imported!

If you run only the bzr half of your command and inspect the output, you
will see that the file in question is mentioned twice.  Once in a commit
on "refs/heads/master" that renames into it from another file:


and another similar case creating a merge commit. But it is never
deleted. So from a cursory inspection, it looks like git is right to
include the file in the final output (but I didn't trace the complete
history graph, so it's possible that those commits are somehow not used
in the final result).

Which leads me to believe that the bug is in bzr.

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