Jeff King <> writes:

> ... But whatever we call it, I think it is an
> improvement.

I didn't say it makes things worse in any way, did I?

I was reacting on the Subject: line because that will what I later
have to work from when reading shortlog, summarizing changes, etc.

> ... I don't think one more option is going to
> break the camel's back, but I wonder if "rev-list -h" could use some
> cleanup. E.g., maybe drop seldom used stuff like --bisect-vars, format
> similar options on a single line to save space, and add in some missing
> options.

Sounds good.  The manpage also needs some cleaning up, I would
think, to omit things that may happen to work (primarily because a
lot of code is shared with "log") but do not have to, for example.
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