On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 10:42:07PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> > Just like log, the notes are part of the commit information to the right
> > of the graph. But this second hunk is for when we are not using the
> > pretty-printer at all, and the output looks like this:
> >
> >   $ git rev-list --graph --notes -2 HEAD
> >   * f6bbb09529a4cc73446c7c115ac1468477bd0cc6
> >
> >   Notes:
> >       foobar
> >   * 31c79549b85c6393be4f40432f5b86ebc097fc7e
> >
> > which doesn't make sense
> I actually have quite a different feeling about this.  As I said in
> the separate message, I think --graph, or anything that makes the
> output unparsable or harder to parse for machines for that matter,
> in rev-list are not something we have because we wanted to support
> them, but that which just happen to work because the large part of
> rev-list and log can share building blocks to do similar things.
> The key phrase is "can share" here; it does not necessarily mean
> they "should" [*1*].

Somebody went to the trouble to make "rev-list --graph" work[1] (that is
what the call to graph_show_remainder in the else clause of the
conditional is about). I agree it seems kind of useless, but it does
work now, and we should at least not make it worse (and I think we both
agree that the output above is just wrong).

So whatever we show for a note, it should look like:

  * f6bbb095...
  | the notes thing to show
  * 31c79549...

Because that is how graph output is formatted. Either that, or we should
disallow --graph entirely with rev-list (which I'd also be OK with).

> I do not mind having an option to show the notes text, but I doubt
> it is a sane thing to do to make "rev-list --notes" unconditionally
> show the payload of the notes blob.  "rev-list --objects" only shows
> the object names of trees and blobs, not the payload in these
> objects, and this is very much on purpuse.  It allows the downstream
> process that reads its output from the pipe to easily parse the
> output and choose to do whatever it wants to do using them.
> I wonder if we should show the blob object names that store the
> notes payload if we were given --notes option in a format that is
> easy for readers to mechanically parse its output.

So leaving aside the --graph issues, we would need to decide what to
show in the non-graph case. And I think your suggestion is good; there
is no real need to dereference the blob (if you want that, you can turn
on the pretty-printer).

I'm just not sure what the output should be. I guess:

  <commit_sha1> <notes sha1s>

is probably the most sensible (it's sort of like --parents). And that
solves the --graph issue, too, since it continues to take only a single


[1] Looking at the code, I do think somebody wanted "rev-list --graph"
to work, and it is not an accident. But I think they did not do a very
thorough job, as things like "git rev-list --objects --graph" produce
nonsensical output.
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