Jeff King <> writes:

> So leaving aside the --graph issues, we would need to decide what to
> show in the non-graph case. And I think your suggestion is good; there
> is no real need to dereference the blob (if you want that, you can turn
> on the pretty-printer).
> I'm just not sure what the output should be. I guess:
>   <commit_sha1> <notes sha1s>
> is probably the most sensible (it's sort of like --parents). And that
> solves the --graph issue, too, since it continues to take only a single
> line.

Surely.  "rev-list --parents --notes" would still be usable that
way, as a reader that requests such a combination is prepared to
tell commits (i.e. parents) and blobs (i.e. notes) apart.

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