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Thiago Farina <tfrans...@gmail.com> wrote:

> How can I push a working branch to github inside it?
> E.g:
> # On master:
> $ git checkout -b feature-work
> # On feature-work
> # vi, hack, commit, ready to push
> $ git push origin master # here I expected it would working pushing my
> commits to a feature-work branch in github. Or if I omit master it
> gives me a [rejected] error.
$ git push origin master
means "update the branch 'master' in the remote repository with the
contents of the branch 'master' in the local repository".
Read the "git push" manual.

> $ git checkout master
> $ git push origin feature-work # Now the branch is pushed.
Sure, but it has nothing to do with the previous checkout command: you
just told Git to push the contents of your local branch "feature-work"
to a remote branch "feature-work" which presumably does not exist and
gets created as a result of your push.

If you want to update the remote "master" branch with the contents of
your local "feature-work" branch, do
$ git push origin feature-work:master

As stated below, you should really read the git push manual and reading
through the appropriate sections of the http://git-scm.com/book is also
highly advised.

Also consider reading about the "push.default" configuration variable
in the git config manual--this might save you from scratching your head
when you try to do simple `git push origin` without specifying any
branches: here again your expectation might differ from the Git
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