On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 10:58 PM, PJ Weisberg
<p...@irregularexpressions.net> wrote:
> In your original email, you had one command that did what you wanted
> and one that didn't.
> $ git push origin master
> $ git push origin feature-work
> Can you spot the difference between them?
Do'h, now I can see the idiocy that I was doing.

If I'm understanding this better,
$ git push origin master
tells git to push to remote origin, the contents of my master branch.

And then,

$ git push origin feature-work
tells git to push to remote origin to push the contents of feature-work branch.

Hence does not make sense to ask git to do "push origin master" while
inside feature-work branch.

> Like Konstantin said, you can look into the different options for
> push.default, but don't expect Git to push one branch when you told it
> to push another.
> -PJ
> Gehm's Corollary to Clark's Law: Any technology distinguishable from
> magic is insufficiently advanced.
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