Florian Achleitner <florian.achleitner.2.6...@gmail.com> writes:

> It requires the remote url to start with sim://.
> Start and end revisions are evaluated.

It is a bit unclear where "start" and "end" comes from, and if
"evaluated" is the most important aspect of the handling of these
two values.  Do you mean the tool takes start and end revisions as
arguments?  If so, describe "how".  E.g. as two arguments (-rSTART
-rEND)? As an argument that shows a range (-rSTART-END? -rSTART,END)?

Do not answer with "It is in the code" (I cheated and peeked to find
out it is -rSTART:END, but the reader should not have to peek).

> If the requested revision doesn't exist, as it is the case with
> incremental imports, if no new commit was added, it returns 1
> (like svnrdump).

This sentence does not parse for me.  What is it trying to say?
Requested revision does not exist _where_?  It is unclear how
"incremental import" and "revision doesn't exist" are related.  "no
new commit was added" to _what_ by _whom_?  I presume that nobody is
adding new commit _to_ an existing dump file, and the only thing
this script does is to read and selectively write part of a dump file,
so that would not add any new commit either.

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