On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 09:46:49PM +0200, Matthieu Moy wrote:

> > Damn. That's usually no problem with kmail either, if the config is right.
> > I've already used git-send-email several times.
> > But for replying to threads and adding several Cc: addresses it's a little 
> > cumbersome.
> > How do you do that in a nice way?
> For the threading itself, I usually find the message-id, and use
> "git send-email --in-reply-to='<cut-and-pasted-id>'". The painful part
> is when you want to reproduce a Cc: list, but I have no magic trick for
> that ;-).

I save a copy of the message I am replying to (usually my cover letter,
which I generated by just replying in my MUA) into a well-known location
(I use a mutt hot-key to do this), and then run it through this

  get_reply_headers() {
    perl -ne '
      if (defined $opt && /^\s+(.*)/) {
        $val .= " $1";
      if (defined $opt) {
        print "--$opt=", quotemeta($val), " ";
        $opt = $val = undef;
      if (/^(cc|to):\s*(.*)/i) {
        $opt = lc($1);
        $val = $2;
      elsif (/^message-id:\s*(.*)/i) {
        $opt = "in-reply-to";
        $val = $1;

which can be used on the command line of format-patch or send-email, like:

  eval "git format-patch $(get_reply_headers <your-patch-file)"

I put the result in an mbox, then review and send it out in mutt (using
the resend-message command), but you could invoke send-email directly,
or format-patch into a file for review and send it with send-email.

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