Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Florian Achleitner <florian.achleitner.2.6...@gmail.com> writes:

>> To ease testing without depending on a reachable svn server, this
>> compact python script mimics parts of svnrdumps behaviour.
>> It requires the remote url to start with sim://.
>> To allow using the same dump file for simulating multiple
>> incremental imports the highest visible revision can be limited by
>> setting the environment variable SVNRMAX to that value. This
>> effectively limits HEAD to simulate the situation where higher
>> revs don't exist yet.
> It is unclear how this is different from giving the ceiling by
> specifying it as the "END" in -rSTART:END command line.  Is this
> feature really needed?

I think the idea is that you put this script (or a symlink to it) on
your $PATH with higher precedence than svnrdump and run a command
that expected to be able to use svnrdump.  Then instead of going to
the network, the command you run magically uses your test data

If the command you are testing wanted to run "svnrdump" without the
upper endpoint set, we need to handle that request, either by emitting
all the revs we have, or by stopping somewhere.  The revlimit feature
provides the "stopping somewhere" behavior which is not strictly
needed but is presumably very useful when testing incremental fetch.

Florian, do you mind if I make the revlimit feature a separate patch
when applying this?

Anyway, it looks good and reasonable to me, so will apply.

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