On 2012.7.25 1:32 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Michael G Schwern <schw...@pobox.com> writes:
>> What's the lag time on it showing up in the repo, and which branch will it
>> appear in?
> There is nothing special in this topic, so it is likely to start on
> 'pu', and unlikely to come to 'master' before 1.7.12 ships sometime
> next month.


>> Also I just realized I've been basing my work on master.  Should I move to 
>> maint?
> I don't think so.  It is not fixing any urgent breakage (iow, by
> being told about .pm explicitly, it knows about them just fine
> without being taught how to find them).

How about the git-svn SVN 1.7 fix in general?  All of these patch sets I'm
sending build on one another, is that going to be a problem?  It's going to
come in about six parts.

1) Makefile.PL .pm auto-find
2) Extract Git::SVN from git-svn
3) Extract the other modules from git-svn
4) Create and use accessors for paths and urls
5) Make the accessors canonicalize
6) Fix misc canonicalization issues

This is #1.  #2 was submitted last night.  #3 will be coming today.  #4 should
probably wait until #3 is at least in pu and I stop moving around large chunks
of code.

#1 to #4 are all refactorings with no functional changes.  #5 and #6 will be
tricky to provide as small commits while keeping all tests passing in SVN 1.6.
 We'll see when I get there after doing the rebasing necessary to separate #4,
#5 and #6.

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