Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Michael G. Schwern wrote:

>> --- a/perl/Makefile.PL
>> +++ b/perl/Makefile.PL
>> @@ -2,6 +2,10 @@ use strict;
>>  use warnings;
>>  use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
>>  use Getopt::Long;
>> +use File::Find;
>> +
>> +# Don't forget to update the perl/Makefile, too.
>> +# Don't forget to test with NO_PERL_MAKEMAKER=YesPlease
> Who are these comments in perl/Makefile.PL addressed to?  Why would
> such a person be looking at perl/Makefile.PL?  Sorry to sound like a
> broken record, but I don't think these questions were answered yet.

To maybe answer my own question: are these comments addressed to
people making other changes to perl/Makefile.PL, rather than people
adding new modules?

That could make sense --- it would just be a change in purpose from
the original comments.  It also means there's no reminder when adding
new modules to list them in perl/Makefile any more, but that's
probably inevitable as long as we don't have a perl coding style

Hoping that clarifies,
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