On 2012.7.26 10:18 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> +# Note: not certain why this is in use instead of die.  Probably because
>> +# the exit code of die is 255?  Doesn't appear to be used consistently.
>> +sub fatal (@) { print STDERR "@_\n"; exit 1 }
> Very true.  Also I do not think the line-noise prototype buys us
> anything (other than making the code look mysterious to non Perl
> programmers); we are not emulating any Perl's builtin with this
> function, and I do not see a reason why we want to force list
> context to its arguments, either.  But removal of it is not part of
> this step anyway, so I wouldn't complain.

The prototype does absolutely nothing since @ is the default prototype.  But
yes, I'm doing a very rote refactoring here.

>> +sub can_compress {
>> +    return $can_compress if defined $can_compress;
>> +
>> +    return $can_compress = eval { require Compress::Zlib; } ? 1 : 0;
>> +}
> The original said "eval { require Compress::Zlib; 1; }"; presumably,
> when require does succeed, the value inside is the "1;" that has to
> be at the end of Compress::Zlib, so the difference should not matter.

Yes.  In other situations where you cannot guarantee that the statement in the
eval will return true it makes sense, but here it's redundant.

Being faith-based doesn't trump reality.
        -- Bruce Sterling
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