Michael G Schwern <schw...@pobox.com> wrote:
> On 2012.7.26 10:18 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> > Again, I agree with you that passing $prefix as one of the arguments
> > to ->new is the right thing to do in the final state after applying
> > the whole series.  I don't know if later steps in your patch series
> > will do so, but it _might_ make more sense to update ->new and its
> > callers to do so without doing anything else first, so that you do
> > not have to call out to the ::opt_prefix() when you split things
> > out.
> I don't personally plan on doing any more about it, no.  It isn't needed for
> SVN 1.7, there's very little real code change (which you could see by looking
> at my remote instead of waiting to be fed patches...) and its a very, very
> minor problem in the grand scheme.

I agree, its not worth it right now.

> The first step toward that would be to change git-svn so it can be loaded as a
> library using the standard "main() unless caller" trick.  Then Git::SVN unit
> tests can require git-svn as a library without executing it and get some tests
> written with a minimum of Git::SVN code change.

> None of which I plan to get into just now.

That's fine.  The modules were an afterthought and not intended at the
time for standalone use, so it'd take a bit of work.  I doubt the
modules will be useful elsewhere, but will make code easier to
maintain in the future.

I also value functional/integration tests far more than unit tests.
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